Change Management: Implementation of an Online Delivery Tracking System

Guest lecture about managing change / change management in a UK SME: Implementation of a micro SCM system / Onlne Delivery Tracking System

      Austen Jones

      Leeds Metropolitan University

      Saftronics Ltd





Presentation Structure

      Overview of Saftronics and its Products

      Explain how Production is undertaken highlighting importance of Metalwork

      Outline Metalwork ordering process

      Problems associated with Metalwork

      How problems have been reduced

      Lessons learned from the implementation



About Saftronics Ltd…

      Established 1979

      Management buyout 2001

      130 staff

      33,000sq ft factory

      £7-8m turnover


About the Products…

      MCCs / Control panels

      Assembled rather than ‘manufactured’

      Products are ‘unique’

      Assembled from standard parts

      12 week delivery time

      Average order ~£20k


About the Products…



     Large metal cabintes comprising metal doors and wired metal backplates populated with electrical components

     Production unable to start until the metalwork items have been delivered from the supplier

     Production of the metalwork items is the task on the critical path of each job that has the longest lead time


Metalwork Ordering Process…



Metalwork Process Problems…



Metalwork Problems…

      metalwork delivered late

      metalwork not delivered complete

      unknown what will be delivered when

      unknown what is outstanding

      no measures in place



Metalwork Improvement Opportunities…




Ensuring on-time deliveries…

      Control of Paint process given to Supplier

Ø Agreed realistic delivery dates

Ø Pay Supplier on 30 days rather than 60 days

Ø Pay Supplier a modest ‘management fee’

Ø Supplier became accountable for delivery date adherence

Ø Supplier fined for late deliveries:

Ø£100 one off charge (per late job)

Ø1% order value per day


Tracking Delivery Performance…

      New system needed to:

Ø Record when metalwork orders are placed!

Ø Record Actual delivery dates

Ø Be easily accessible to a variety of people

Ø Be up-to-date and centralised

Ø Track individual parts rather than just jobs

Ø Provide accurate information for Planning purposes to both parties

Ø Be accepted by the users!


      Database system + Web-based access


Tools Used & Assistance…

      Database: MS Access 2002

      Web interface: Macromedia Dreamweaver MX

      Domain name and web hosting: Ltd



Screen Shots – Performance Indicators…



Implementation & Change Management… What I did Wrong!


Implementation & Change Management… Lessons Learned!



Implementation & Change Management… What I did Right!



Conclusions about Managing Change…

      Easily accessible and editable information held centrally is a boon as it provides the Planning functions with up to date, relevant and visible information that enables informed decisions to be made.

      Enables meaningful planning of jobs

      Delivery performance measurement now possible

      System implemented successfully… but later than expected.

      Importance of mistakes and reflection.




B O’Toole & D Webb

Leeds Met


J Robinson

Saftronics Ltd Ltd


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